10 Fashion Trends that Define 2022 So Far

5 Fashion Trends that Define 2022 So Far

In terms of fashion trends, we were in an exciting period moving into 2022: collectively occupying a space between party mode and at-home loungewear. Athleisure making an appearance in evening wear, high-shine and raver styles, comfort-conscious large shapes, and more are all required for that junction (hi, catsuits). 

Additionally, 2022 asked for a dash of color, which was delivered in the form of vibrant, optimistic bags, as well as short skirts and micro coats that announce our unofficial exit from hiding.

See the 5 fashion trends that are shaping the year—and, of course, buy them all.

Catsuitscatsuits 2022

One of the most surprising fashions to emerge this year is the catsuit. But before you think it belongs just on the catwalk (as seen often on Saint Laurent’s and at Burberry), you should know that everyone from Hailey Bieber to Lizzo has previously worn it in public. It’s as if your go-to yoga one-piece received an unexpected after-dark upgrade.

Chain Belts

Overall, you’re not mistaken if you feel that the music has a ’90s/early aughts’ feeling. Give it your all by wearing a belly chain or belt around a knit dress or just over your navel. In 2022, designers just care whether you’re having fun. Leading the trend is Chanel.

High Neck Dresses
alaia couture

The apparently straightforward long fitting turtleneck dress is really filled with details. It may be worn up with stiletto boots or down with casual flats. It is sleek and seductive. It is the perfect setting for all of the greatest accessories, from chain belts to bangle bracelets, and it makes me think of practically all of Yves Saint Laurent’s female models.

Micro Blazers

The amount of our collective tolerance for this never-ending epidemic is approaching that of a jacket. Hence, very little. Take inspiration from Proenza Schouler, Miu Miu, and Jacquemus’ slimmer, more fitted form. The micro blazer provides you with a plethora of fresh fashion possibilities when worn with anything from slim jeans to miniskirts.

Shiny Things

Don’t hide your light under a barrel, ladies. Labels from Celine to Carolina Herrera and Coperni are embracing high shine. From maxi skirts to minidresses, these looks call for a dance floor moment—or five.

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